Explore the photographic art of Adrian Oosterman

Fantasy Creatures


Beginning with a child’s curiosity and a Kodak Brownie camera, Adrian has always had a camera in his hands. This passion turned serious in high school where he was often found  roaming the premises in search of a good shot or hanging out in the darkroom. Soon he was working in a studio, doing just about everything. Adrian had his first solo show at 17. He opened his own business 6 months after leaving Sheridan College (Oakvile, Ontario) with his diploma in Applied Photography. In his commercial career he created images for business, advertising and print media. Capturing subjects from jewellery to cars and from business executives to musicians gave Adrian a wealth of experience that he still draws from today.

AOHeadshotAdrian has served on the  Toronto and National boards of directors for CAPIC (Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators) working on shows, membership initiatives and education. In 2001 he was honoured with their Award for Outstanding Contributions. During this time with CAPIC Adrian presented seminars in business practices and digital technologies. In addition, he presented seminars for Kodak Canada and lectured at the Toronto Camera Club. Although raised and educated with film and wet process, he was an early adopter of digital imaging and today works mostly with pixels. Photographic technology has evolved and so has Adrian’s creative vision.

Now that Adrian has stepped away from the commercial world, he is choosing to follow his own muse.  His style is graphical; using line, shape and space with precision. Seeking to reveal the unseen and preferring not to be tied down, Adrian subjects are diverse including (but not limited to) nature, landscape, still life and portraits. A theme he continues to pursue is that of society’s relationship with the urban environment. In addition, Adrian has recently turned to a collage technique to explore the musical reflections of flowers in his series “Flower Variations.” He regularly revisits a life long interest in water and how it shapes our landscape. Adrian’s fine art images have appeared in small group shows and private collections. By always looking and constantly exploring Adrian is seeking a visual narrative with the world around him, a camera always close at hand.